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  • Please read the following criteria carefully prior to signing up.

  • All participants must have a PayPal account or a bank account, in order to receive payouts.

  • You may not receive credit for referring yourself.

  • All banners and ads must be submitted and pre-approved by us in writing prior to going live.  Campaigns are not permitted without prior consent and written permission.

  • Affiliates may not make any false or misleading claims which are deemed false

  • Affiliates may not host content referencing Silkawigs on unlicensed websites such as; adult sites or inappropriate and offensive sites

  • Participants caught violating or attempting to bypass these rules will have their affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.

  • Once you have signed up and your account has been approved, you will receive an email with your instructions for logging in to your affiliate account so you can start earning a commission right away.




The following agreement is summarized as follows:
  • Visitor clicks on your affiliate referral link on the website you share it on

  • A cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. 

  • Cookie duration is valid for 90 days.

  • When visitor browses our site via your referral link, and make a purchase you will get the sale commission

  • No need for order to be placed in 24 hours’ browsing time - our cookies are stored for 90 days.

  • Once the order has been placed, we will review and approve the sale.



Affiliate Commissions Table





    You will receive a commission for sending an authorized sales, leads, and/or clicks via your referral links. On all qualified sales. Payments are made automatically on the 15th day of each month, with a minimum account balance of $20 dollars and up via PayPal or your bank account.